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Versatile rifle with the best hunting scope on the market?

Now suppose you want to buy a rifle that summarizes the qualities of the four sketches described, but without the negative points, such as excessive cost of rifles express or short-range, or small caliber rifles mountain, or long end of guns, and also want that weapon will serve him to hunt from roe deer to grizzly bears. How do you reconcile all these requirements in a best hunting scope on the market?


If you accept that perfection does not exist and is willing to take practical commitments, the solution is within reach of his intellect. They say that survives is the best suited, and not the strongest. If you can not adapt will be doomed to have to have a specific weapon for each of the different species you want to abate, so be a little contemplative pays its benefits. That is the first step to take; be able to give. The second is to take his mind off a series of previous concepts. If one can accept that within reasonable conditions all cartridges eventually kill alike, therefore there are no those magical or perfect, and it is also just a question of using them correctly, placing the first shot where God commands, not where one can, and you have another big part of the battle won.

Define needs

This change in attitude is the first step. You still have to determine their needs and know what parts of a weapon that affect those needs are. Let us begin with the latter.

The length of the canyon is related to the scope of a weapon and the ability to maneuver it in tight spaces. Its mechanism of action depends on the reserve ammunition available, the rate of fire and critical details such as food safety and removal of cartridge cases. For its part, the targeting system is determined by the hunting conditions, or if desired, each aiming system will limit the distances and light conditions under which we hunt.

What are the characteristics of the dam that will influence on the requirements to be met by the weapon and which must be taken into account at the time of the purchase deal? To begin with, the weight of the species, the average shooting distance to it, their degree of aggressiveness and resistance to impact as this will strongly influence the cartridge to be used and type of tip, as well as the need for or use a weapon with a rapid rate of fire and long range.

The ideal is to arm the bolt-action rifle with the right optical sight of three to nine increases by forty to forty-five mm input light, which is clearly telling us that it is the one that lends itself to all possible alternatives we present.

What else remains for us to consider? The type of terrain, which can reduce or otherwise promote visibility, the density of branches and other objects that may make it harder or easier transit through the place. The longer the barrel, the more open will be the ground on which we move. As a rule, it is said to inside the mountain and up to the hunt, the barrel must not exceed 18 inches to move freely. In the mountains, with 24 inches we will be well served, while in the fields of beans 26 inches are considered the right thing. Stalking in any situation, to seventy meters, where the weight and length of the weapon are irrelevant, a barrel of between 6 and 24 inches can solve all problems.

Then we are to consider the types of view. For all that is within walking distance and the mountain, which requires a quick shot, open sights and orthoptic are ideal for its speed to acquire the target. On the other hand, the optical sights are ideal for shots in public spaces and when distances exceed one hundred meters.

Well, without considering the energy requirements of the projectile, these are the variants to find and reconcile. The least you could say about it is that it is a somewhat complicated, but the quiet situation, there is no such thing as a problem without a solution, especially if you are willing to give a little.





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