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Best cheap chainsaws on market (Guide 2017)

Find cheap chainsaws can be difficult. So in our guide today we have selected the 5 best economic chainsaws on the market today, so do not waste time anymore. The best prices are online, with differences of up to € 100 with the price of products in physical stores.

Many times, when we face with budget constraints, it is a temptation to resort to buying second hand or used chainsaws, but (and although you can find good deals) we always recommend purchasing a new product, as the warranty offered is statistically much higher.

In addition to selecting the best cheap chainsaws, we will also give a brief review of the different uses that a lover of DIY or gardening can give a tool like this (2)

If you already have clear what are the uses and advantages that you can get a chainsaw and want to see directly the best deals at the moment, you can see our selection of the best electric saws. If you want an individual analysis, read on!

  1. Electric Chainsaw Greenworks Tools

The special model is for gardening tasks. With a lithium battery and 24V power, this cheap chainsaw is a very good option for those who will use the chainsaw for gardening tasks.

It has a 25cm sable.

You can take a look at the opinions of buyers and complete record on Greenworks website.

  1. Chainsaw Einhell RG-EC 2240 MG

This electric chainsaw Einhell is a high-quality product, very compact and easy to handle but less powerful than other products of this brand. Small and medium trees felled and cut firewood are easy tasks for this tool.

It is equipped with which are probably the best swords in the world, Oregon. It has a magnetic fixing system that greatly facilitates changing or sharpening the chain. This has auto insurance to knock off, self-lubricating oil tank chain for optimum performance and metal materials of high quality for long life.

Einhell is always a guarantee gardening tools, and this chainsaw RG-EC 2240 MG is no exception. A very good choice

  1. Chainsaw Makita EA3200S35A

Makita cannot miss out on a top 5 tools.

Guaranteed quality and robustness. In this case, the electric chainsaw is equipped with a blade of 35cm, automatic lubrication, ergonomically designed and prepared to withstand heavy use materials.

  1. Petrol Chainsaw Parker

The year’s best selling cheap chainsaw. This petrol chainsaw Parker has been a success because it offers features of a professional to a very tight price (a little over 100 €) for a chainsaw. With a 58cc engine and 50cm sable Oregon, this ash beast offers everything you need for occasional or intensive use.

It also comes equipped with a number of accessories: carrying case, tool kit, and a spare chain. We are facing a more powerful chainsaw previous (also heavier, a little more than 5 kg). This is the one that we believe is the Best chainsaw with the best price among some best chainsaw on the market.

  1. Einhell Chainsaw petrol

If you are looking for the best price or some cheap chainsaw reviews. Then this might not a good option, but read on.

It’s a little more expensive than the previous models, but we believe that for a few more Euros you shall bring home a better model. Its self-lubricating and anti-vibration system chain greatly facilitate its use, it has electronic ignition, automatic chain brake.

Its saber is 40 cm, weighs 5kg and has a power of 1500W. The saber is Oregon.



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