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Best cheap chainsaws on market (Guide 2017)

Find cheap chainsaws can be difficult. So in our guide today we have selected the 5 best economic chainsaws on the market today, so do not waste time anymore. The best prices are online, with differences of up to € 100 with the price of products in physical stores.

Many times, when we face with budget constraints, it is a temptation to resort to buying second hand or used chainsaws, but (and although you can find good deals) we always recommend purchasing a new product, as the warranty offered is statistically much higher.

In addition to selecting the best cheap chainsaws, we will also give a brief review of the different uses that a lover of DIY or gardening can give a tool like this (2)

If you already have clear what are the uses and advantages that you can get a chainsaw and want to see directly the best deals at the moment, you can see our selection of the best electric saws. If you want an individual analysis, read on!

  1. Electric Chainsaw Greenworks Tools

The special model is for gardening tasks. With a lithium battery and 24V power, this cheap chainsaw is a very good option for those who will use the chainsaw for gardening tasks.

It has a 25cm sable.

You can take a look at the opinions of buyers and complete record on Greenworks website.

  1. Chainsaw Einhell RG-EC 2240 MG

This electric chainsaw Einhell is a high-quality product, very compact and easy to handle but less powerful than other products of this brand. Small and medium trees felled and cut firewood are easy tasks for this tool.

It is equipped with which are probably the best swords in the world, Oregon. It has a magnetic fixing system that greatly facilitates changing or sharpening the chain. This has auto insurance to knock off, self-lubricating oil tank chain for optimum performance and metal materials of high quality for long life.

Einhell is always a guarantee gardening tools, and this chainsaw RG-EC 2240 MG is no exception. A very good choice

  1. Chainsaw Makita EA3200S35A

Makita cannot miss out on a top 5 tools.

Guaranteed quality and robustness. In this case, the electric chainsaw is equipped with a blade of 35cm, automatic lubrication, ergonomically designed and prepared to withstand heavy use materials.

  1. Petrol Chainsaw Parker

The year’s best selling cheap chainsaw. This petrol chainsaw Parker has been a success because it offers features of a professional to a very tight price (a little over 100 €) for a chainsaw. With a 58cc engine and 50cm sable Oregon, this ash beast offers everything you need for occasional or intensive use.

It also comes equipped with a number of accessories: carrying case, tool kit, and a spare chain. We are facing a more powerful chainsaw previous (also heavier, a little more than 5 kg). This is the one that we believe is the Best chainsaw with the best price among some best chainsaw on the market.

  1. Einhell Chainsaw petrol

If you are looking for the best price or some cheap chainsaw reviews. Then this might not a good option, but read on.

It’s a little more expensive than the previous models, but we believe that for a few more Euros you shall bring home a better model. Its self-lubricating and anti-vibration system chain greatly facilitate its use, it has electronic ignition, automatic chain brake.

Its saber is 40 cm, weighs 5kg and has a power of 1500W. The saber is Oregon.



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Benefits of having a air fryer

The name “air fryer” may make you somewhat think of a machine using air for cooking, and that is what it really is. With the invention of the remarkable technology, foods are cooked with hot air circulating around by the integrated fan inside. The invention is called “Rapid Air Technology” –using only air for processing food.


What are the benefits of using the air fryer instead of a typical cooking gadget?

Safety: by using just air and food is kept inside the machine, you are safe from hot oil which may spit in your body, your face or even your eyes. You don’t have to miserably stay far from the cooking gadget struggling to flip meat from side to side. You also don’t have to worry about the safety of your kitchen since so much oil is more dangerous, and air is safer for sure.

Save money: Thanks to the Rapid Air Technology, all your so-called fried dishes will be ready for your meals with upto 80% less oil! See how much you can save with that amount of oil everyday, every month or every year! Foods are also cooked quickly with shorter time, helping you to save more pennies for electric bills.This cooking machine is your best choice for saving budget of every day meals.

Good for your health: Fried food has never been a good suggestion for those who want to have good health. Deep fried food is really delicous, attractive and irresistible. However, deep fried food tends to absord almost every single drop of oil it was cooked in. Eating deep fried food will lead you to the increasing risk of being aneurysms, stroke, heart disease, high blood pressure. For those who love fried food but want to stay in shaped, it would be impossible due to a whole bunch of extra calories. What could be more awesome than having the same delicious, attractive and irresistible meals but still stay healthy and stay in good shaped?

User-Friendly: This perfect cooking appliance will not confuse you with complicated buttons or functions. It has a simple timer to set up cooking time and you can adjust the temperature manually. Time and temperature is different depending on each kind of food. The air fryer also has a wide removable tray to easily take out and put in. You can put different kind of foods in the tray and put in the air fryer, set the time, temperature then get your meals ready, delicious and healthy with no hassle and effort!

A best air fryer will be must-have cooking gadget you never regret to buy!

Read more review on 1cupawesome

Buying guide

Fryers without oils are perfect to enjoy with light and crispy fries without eating too much fat. They also allow cooking many vegetable dishes, meat or fish with some special recipes

To help you choose your fryer without oil, we summarized the important points in this guide.

1. Capacity

The ability of a fryer without oil varies between 800g and 1.5 kg of fresh chips. It is important to choose a capacity suited to the size of your family for not having to start a batch, for example, especially as cooking for some appliance without oil is longer than traditional fryers.

To give an idea, a large portion of fries McDonald corresponds to 160g. It takes about 250 grams per person for a normal meal (or more for teenagers!). A capacity of 800 g or 1 kg can, therefore, be sufficient for a family of 4, while 1.5 kg will be better for 6 people.

2. Cooking time

Cooking time with a fryer fries without oil has ranged from 15 to 28 minutes for the fastest (Air Fryer) to 45 minutes for the slowest (Actifry Family). You do not need to be present during cooking because it is automatic.

3. Timer and automatic shutdown

Fryers without oils on the market today are equipped with a timer, which adjusts cooking time and prevents when finished. Warning: the timer stop cooking works for AirFryer HD9220 and the Actifry Family, but it does not for the base Actifry.

It is, therefore, essential to be around when the timer rings, otherwise, chips may be burned. This is why we recommend choosing a model with an automatic stop of cooking.

We are still waiting for a fryer oil-free model with a built-in scheduler, which would set the cooking in advance.

4. Versatility

In addition to allowing light to cook fries, fryers without oils can also be used to cook more varied dishes: vegetables, nuggets, spring rolls, donuts, fish, meat, tapas, etc … The list is long.

Most often, recipe books are provided and show everything you need to know to succeed (preparation, cooking time). Actifry fryer without oil and Seb are delivered with a manual 60 recipes while Philips Air Fryer comes with a book of 30 recipes. Other ideas of dishes can be found on the internet.

The possibility of separate cooking is a big advantage, and you can prepare a complete meal (meat or fish + accompaniment for example) without mixing flavors. The Actifry 2in1 is the only fryer to propose an accessory for this type includes the purchase.

5. Dishwasher proof

As there is less oil present, cleaning a fryer without oil is generally simpler than that of a conventional fryer. To simplify things, all without oil fryers currently sold are made of detachable parts that can be passed in the dishwasher to save time.

6. Walls and lid

The transparent cover is a useful accessory to monitor cooking without opening the device. It allows seeing at a glance if the fries are golden brown or must continue cooking.

For safety reasons make sure that the walls of the fryer remain cool to prevent accidental burns.

7. Smell Filter

Fryers without oil generated by their mode of operation much less frying odors than conventional fryers. To improve things, some manufacturers like Philips have increasingly integrated anti-odor filters in their models to be sure to retain odors and fumes.

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Versatile rifle with the best hunting scope on the market?

Now suppose you want to buy a rifle that summarizes the qualities of the four sketches described, but without the negative points, such as excessive cost of rifles express or short-range, or small caliber rifles mountain, or long end of guns, and also want that weapon will serve him to hunt from roe deer to grizzly bears. How do you reconcile all these requirements in a best hunting scope on the market?


If you accept that perfection does not exist and is willing to take practical commitments, the solution is within reach of his intellect. They say that survives is the best suited, and not the strongest. If you can not adapt will be doomed to have to have a specific weapon for each of the different species you want to abate, so be a little contemplative pays its benefits. That is the first step to take; be able to give. The second is to take his mind off a series of previous concepts. If one can accept that within reasonable conditions all cartridges eventually kill alike, therefore there are no those magical or perfect, and it is also just a question of using them correctly, placing the first shot where God commands, not where one can, and you have another big part of the battle won.

Define needs

This change in attitude is the first step. You still have to determine their needs and know what parts of a weapon that affect those needs are. Let us begin with the latter.

The length of the canyon is related to the scope of a weapon and the ability to maneuver it in tight spaces. Its mechanism of action depends on the reserve ammunition available, the rate of fire and critical details such as food safety and removal of cartridge cases. For its part, the targeting system is determined by the hunting conditions, or if desired, each aiming system will limit the distances and light conditions under which we hunt.

What are the characteristics of the dam that will influence on the requirements to be met by the weapon and which must be taken into account at the time of the purchase deal? To begin with, the weight of the species, the average shooting distance to it, their degree of aggressiveness and resistance to impact as this will strongly influence the cartridge to be used and type of tip, as well as the need for or use a weapon with a rapid rate of fire and long range.

The ideal is to arm the bolt-action rifle with the right optical sight of three to nine increases by forty to forty-five mm input light, which is clearly telling us that it is the one that lends itself to all possible alternatives we present.

What else remains for us to consider? The type of terrain, which can reduce or otherwise promote visibility, the density of branches and other objects that may make it harder or easier transit through the place. The longer the barrel, the more open will be the ground on which we move. As a rule, it is said to inside the mountain and up to the hunt, the barrel must not exceed 18 inches to move freely. In the mountains, with 24 inches we will be well served, while in the fields of beans 26 inches are considered the right thing. Stalking in any situation, to seventy meters, where the weight and length of the weapon are irrelevant, a barrel of between 6 and 24 inches can solve all problems.

Then we are to consider the types of view. For all that is within walking distance and the mountain, which requires a quick shot, open sights and orthoptic are ideal for its speed to acquire the target. On the other hand, the optical sights are ideal for shots in public spaces and when distances exceed one hundred meters.

Well, without considering the energy requirements of the projectile, these are the variants to find and reconcile. The least you could say about it is that it is a somewhat complicated, but the quiet situation, there is no such thing as a problem without a solution, especially if you are willing to give a little.





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30 ideas for very cheap Christmas gifts for wife

“What should I get my wife for christmas 2016?” Find the perfect gift for Christmas can be a real dilemma, especially when it comes to surprise your wife, family or dear friends, it is that few things in life say both of us and our intention as a gift.

So you can select a useful and memorable gift, we present the following tips to make the perfect present at this time for your wife.

Observe the key

The fact of giving strengthens our feelings for others and makes us feel capable and caring, but not about giving for giving, but truly think of them and make them happy, says Ellen J. Langer, an expert in consumer psychology Harvard University.

The first step to achieving a meaningful gift giving is to pay attention to the tastes of each person; observes his style, what color you prefer, if you use accessories. Also, inquire about their hobbies and, of course, do not forget to take into account age.

Unforgettable gestures

Giveaway details that could make it easier every day or even an experience (related to activities that he or she passionate about it, but rarely have the opportunity to perform) are great options, such as a cooking class.

Fortunately, today there are companies dedicated to selling experiences and best, affordable.

Little on the budget?

Handmade gifts are a very original choice when the budget is reduced. So Venture and flatters delicious homemade cookies, preserves, jams, muffins, even a beautiful handmade card can work.

30 ideas for very cheap Christmas gifts for your wife:

  1. Framing your portrait with them
  1. bath oils and lotions.
  1. Agenda – daily, you will recall 365 days a year.
  1. A quality coffee with a personalized mug Gourmet.
  1. An excellent pen (no face)
  1. A photo album or scrapbook of memories with things that are endearing.
  1. Homemade cookies baked you made yourself, and you put in a particular container.
  1. Chocolates.
  1. assortment of herbs and spices. If you become friendly with small jars to fill them with good spices, the gift can be very special.
  1. A gift check.
  1. A CD yourself with the favorite songs of the person to whom you give it.
  1. A hand-written by you and with excellent lyrics and beautiful on paper and very feelingly tell you why you appreciate that person a letter.
  1. A small plant
  1. A movie ticket with popcorn (grain)
  1. Jars with quality dried vegetables: beans, chickpeas, lentils.
  1. A nice shirt personalized with original details and humor.
  1. Stationery and office (there with unique designs and colors).
  1. “I owe you”: attaching a list of friendly brochures (on travel, massages, etc.). Just to someone you know very well.
  1. Do some point or instruct, someone. You see a small detail.
  1. Fill a jar beautiful pieces of different colors of paper, each with a reason you appreciate: “I understand that …”
  1. assortments of jams.
  1. A variety of homemade bread.
  1. Books
  1. A book of the straight white kitchen in which you write some leaves with your favorite recipes on the first few pages.
  1. A DVD video memory with pieces of very special moments edited by you. It can also be a video based on photos and background music. There are many well on Youtube.
  1. Create your artwork in a beautiful cardboard or paper materials framed that collect short stories, poems, drawings, paintings, etc.
  1. Scented candles
  1. A set of survival.
  1. A shaving kit.
  1. A box of various types of tea or different fruit tea, etc.


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