30 ideas for very cheap Christmas gifts for wife

What should I get my wife for christmas 2016?” Find the perfect gift for Christmas can be a real dilemma, especially when it comes to surprise your wife, family or dear friends, it is that few things in life say both of us and our intention as a gift.

So you can select a useful and memorable gift, we present the following tips to make the perfect present at this time for your wife.

Observe the key

The fact of giving strengthens our feelings for others and makes us feel capable and caring, but not about giving for giving, but truly think of them and make them happy, says Ellen J. Langer, an expert in consumer psychology Harvard University.

The first step to achieving a meaningful gift giving is to pay attention to the tastes of each person; observes his style, what color you prefer, if you use accessories. Also, inquire about their hobbies and, of course, do not forget to take into account age.

Unforgettable gestures

Giveaway details that could make it easier every day or even an experience (related to activities that he or she passionate about it, but rarely have the opportunity to perform) are great options, such as a cooking class.

Fortunately, today there are companies dedicated to selling experiences and best, affordable.

Little on the budget?

Handmade gifts are a very original choice when the budget is reduced. So Venture and flatters delicious homemade cookies, preserves, jams, muffins, even a beautiful handmade card can work.

30 ideas for very cheap Christmas gifts for your wife:

  1. Framing your portrait with them
  1. bath oils and lotions.
  1. Agenda – daily, you will recall 365 days a year.
  1. A quality coffee with a personalized mug Gourmet.
  1. An excellent pen (no face)
  1. A photo album or scrapbook of memories with things that are endearing.
  1. Homemade cookies baked you made yourself, and you put in a particular container.
  1. Chocolates.
  1. assortment of herbs and spices. If you become friendly with small jars to fill them with good spices, the gift can be very special.
  1. A gift check.
  1. A CD yourself with the favorite songs of the person to whom you give it.
  1. A hand-written by you and with excellent lyrics and beautiful on paper and very feelingly tell you why you appreciate that person a letter.
  1. A small plant
  1. A movie ticket with popcorn (grain)
  1. Jars with quality dried vegetables: beans, chickpeas, lentils.
  1. A nice shirt personalized with original details and humor.
  1. Stationery and office (there with unique designs and colors).
  1. “I owe you”: attaching a list of friendly brochures (on travel, massages, etc.). Just to someone you know very well.
  1. Do some point or instruct, someone. You see a small detail.
  1. Fill a jar beautiful pieces of different colors of paper, each with a reason you appreciate: “I understand that …”
  1. assortments of jams.
  1. A variety of homemade bread.
  1. Books
  1. A book of the straight white kitchen in which you write some leaves with your favorite recipes on the first few pages.
  1. A DVD video memory with pieces of very special moments edited by you. It can also be a video based on photos and background music. There are many well on Youtube.
  1. Create your artwork in a beautiful cardboard or paper materials framed that collect short stories, poems, drawings, paintings, etc.
  1. Scented candles
  1. A set of survival.
  1. A shaving kit.
  1. A box of various types of tea or different fruit tea, etc.


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5 best air fryers without oil

What are the best fryers without oil on the market today?

In today’s article we will answer this question, selecting the 5 best air fryers without oil that can be found today. We hope that this comparison of performance and reviews serve you to decide what fryer to buy.Now you can cooking without oil


Well, we start with Tefal Actifry. They have a range and the most basic model is the Tefal Actifry Mini. One of the advantages of buying a Tefal Actifry fryer without oil is the community of people that has formed around it. As an example, you can take a look at your Facebook page where people share tips and recipes.

This is the ideal fryer for people who live alone or in pairs. As they say in their description: the fryer is for 2. It is 20% smaller than its older “brothers”, making it easier to store (up to 600 grams).

It is operated via a touch screen LCD, provides automatic stirring paddle (to rotate food and it becomes uniformly), auto-off timer (99 minutes).

The good thing about the Actifry range is that the deposit has the transparent cover, allowing you to view food while cooking. The container is made of a nonstick material easy to remove and clean (with the advantage that you can put in the dishwasher)


We continue with the Actifry fryers with one step. Its power is 1400W with a deposit of 1 kg (rations for 3 or 4 people).

It consumes very little oil; to give you an idea, it can fry 1 kg of potatoes with 1.5cl oil.

It has the same features as the Actifry Mini: 99-minute timer; safe in the dishwasher, transparent cover, recipe, spoon to measure the amount of oil required, etc.

A guarantee: If you have children at home or you share the floor, it is a great investment.

PHILIPS air fryer

Philips is the other great dominator in the world of electric fryers without oil. Its range of fryers is called air fryer and this is the basic model. With a capacity of 800g, it is ideal for 2-3 adults’ servings.

It has a power of 1400W and a technology patented hot air (air fryer) that optimizes this voltage. It reaches 200 degrees of temperature and features automatic timer 30 minutes.

It comes with a recipe book and of course, all removable parts can be put in the dishwasher.

It is a highly valued product (with an average score of 4.6 out of 5, which gives us an idea of product quality)

Air fryer PHILIPS XL

For little more to add.

The same features as its little sister that is mentioned above but a much larger tray: 1.2kg goes up to capacity.


The best fryer without oil on the market. Without a doubt.

It has all the advantages of the other fryers, but much larger (1.5 kg capacity), with LCD screen and recipe book.

If you are at home or if you are many of those who eat Tupper or fast food to avoid wasting time, this is your ideal model.

It is not a model for all budgets, but the quality of materials and the opinions of buyers show that this is a very good investment.

We have provided some products of oil less fryers, hope that this information is helpful for you to choose a fryer. Besides, you can read this great reviews from 1 CUP AWESOME about top 5 best air fryer. Good luck with your purchase.



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